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Are you new to Radom or Poland?


Would you like to pick up learning Polish to make things easier in everyday life?
Are you a Polish language student from abroad wishing to brush up your skills?
If the answer is YES to any of these questions then we have the language course for you.


During the course you will learn how to communicate in everyday situations, the meaning and use of certain phrases, the proper pronunciation and grammar, and others.
We also welcome Polish language students from abroad who wish to extend their skills in Polish. We will be happy to help you with arranging transport and accommodation in Radom. Please contact us for more information.


Info and Prices:

➠ all classes are held in English
➠ classes for local residents are held in three time schemes: individual, 2h once a week and 2h twice a week
➠ classes for students from abroad are held in three time schemes: individual, 4h three times a week or 4h five times a week*

* the duration of this course and costs are assessed individually so please contact us for an estimate.

➠ the yearly course lasts from September/October to June in groups of 4-8 students
➠ yearly course 64h - 1x2h/w - 1920 zł [240zł/month]
➠ yearly course 128h - 2x2h/w - 3200 zł [400zł/month]


Classes in smaller groups under 4 students:

➠ 1 student - 70zł/h
➠ 2 students - 80zł/h [40zł/pp]
➠ 3 students - 105zł/h [35zł/pp]

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